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Green House Effects

San Luis Obispo Association of REALTORS® Go Green

The San Luis Obispo Assn. of REALTORS® are committed to changing the conception that REALTORS® want to pave paradise and stack houses all over our beautiful county. REALTORS® are backing environmental legislation and encouraging green building and implementing changes in their offices to conserve, recycle and prevent further damage to our planet. Here are a few ways that YOU can turn your office into a lighter shade of green!

Green Resources

To be greener and save you money, consider emailing this information to clients rather than mailing!

Green Blog: Chat with other green minded folks.

San Luis Obispo's Climate Action Plan (8/10/12)
After 2 years of hard work the City of San Luis Obispo has adopted a Climate Action Plan (CAP)! The CAP lays out a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the community and government operations. CAP strategies reflect many ongoing best management practices, and are based on significant input from the public, regional agencies, community groups, Planning Commission and Council.

Save Energy and Money
Find rebates and incentives to get money back for your business.

Energy Efficient Mortgage
Information for your clients on how they can finance energy efficient retrofits to their home.

Home Energy Yardstick
Compare your households energy use with those across the country and get recommendations for improvement.

REALTORS® Energy Audit Program (REAP)
Your clients can get $250 off on a HERS Energy Efficiency rating through the California Association of REALTORS® Residential Energy Audit Program.

Check Before You Burn
Check Before You Burn notifies your clients if it is an approved day to burn in the winter.

Green Smart Tips

  • Dump Old Appliances: make sure that you purchase new electronic items that are Energy Star efficient.
  • Save on Gas: encourage walking, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or commuting via bus, shuttle or car pool.
  • Buy a Notebook: notebooks use no more than 30 watts of power when inactive.
  • Choose Green Materials: stock your restrooms and kinchen with biodegradable soap and recycled paper or cloth towles. Use biodegradable cleaners!
  • Get Rid of Water Bottles: try using tap water, washing then refilling old botles, or even buying a water purification device.
  • Recycle Everything Possible: toner cartridges, aluminum, glass, paper cardboard, telephone books, old equipment!
  • Work from Home: instant messaging, videoconferencing, and other tools make it easier to work from home.
  • Digitize: keep files on computers instead of in file cabinets. review documents on screen rather than printiing them.
  • Save a Tree: buy recycled paper...print on both sides when applicable.
  • Plant a Tree: consider purchasing a small tree as a closing gift.
  • Rethink Lighting: SLOAOR CFL Light Bulbs are a great way to start saving energy AND money!
  • Power Down: Set computers to energy saving settings when idel and shut them down when you leave for the day.
  • Introduce Enviro-Supplies: Try environmentally friendly pencils...and other eco-friendly alternatives for pens, toner and other office products
  • Wash, Don't Toss: use mugs rather than styrofoam cups for coffee...
  • Green Lunchtime: bring lunch to work in reusable containers...saves gas, money and is usually more nutritious.
  • Education: Educate yourself regarding green building practices and features so that you can meet the growing consumer demand.
  • Remodel: If you are considering a remodel for your office, look into bamboo flooring, window placement and dual panes, and re-furbishing existing furniture.
  • Create a recylce center: place recycle bins next to existing trash cans to encourage waste consideration.
  • Paper Usage: consider all of the flyers and other wasteful paper printing. email flyers!

Turn Out The Lights!
This is something that can beccome a habit after a while but also can be aided by occupancy sensors that automatically turn off the lights after a period of time when the room is unoccupied. For exterior lights, motion sensors can be used to turn lights on when needed and then automatically turn off. Of course, using the most efficient CFL or LED lights will keep the energy use down when the lgiths are on.

Checklist for Closing Your Office at Night
This can include turning off the lights as discussed above, and turning off power strips to cut down on phantom loads. Many electronic appliances still draw a substantial current even when they are asleep or not in use. Chargers are a good example of this. Thermostats should be turned back to minimal settings. Better yet, install an Energy Star thermostat that does it automatically. These types of energy saving measures can really add up. Add these items to your normal security and closing procedures.

On the office operations side (Kitchen/breakroom/bath)

Score points by using kitchen/break room paper products, such as paper towels, napkins toilet paper, that are at least 30% recycled content. Choose “pick a size” paper towels, the smaller size does just fine for most uses. Reusable plates, cups, glasses and utensils produce more GYBC points. Buy in bulk and put common condiments, sugar, coffee beverages in dispensers. Environmentally safe cleaning products are available for most office uses. If a janitorial service does your cleaning, check to see if they use “green” products.

On the real estate sales and listing side (Events/meetings)

Be on the alert for “green” related webinars, live events and classes. 2 points per agent attending adds up fast. THEN have those attending share some ideas from the event at the next office meeting to expand awareness among a wider audience.

If serving refreshments at office meetings, caravans or other events use sustainable caterers or be conscious of minimizing disposable waste.